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We are so much more than our perceived challenges.

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Paul is a Long Island Native and the founder of "The Long Island Buddy Club, "Paul Vibes" Motivational Speaking, and "The People's Podcast." Featured in numerous publications for his work, Paul has held talks at a variety of venues including colleges, high schools, libraries, and substance abuse facilities. During his talks, Paul shares his story of overcoming a learning disability, and creating the Buddy Club, while offering audiences the tools and mindsets to help them overcome what life my throw at them. Paul is not only educating those he comes into contact with, but giving people the guidance they need to become more than their challenges. 

Motivational Speaking

Paul Vibes

Motivational Speaker

Speaking topics


Finding your inner peace in a busy & chaotic world. 


Creating a generation of leaders ready to make a positive impact on the world.


Giving you the tools and mindset to help you overcome challenges in every day life.


Empowering young adults to discover and pursue their unique purpose.



Motivational Speaker

No one has more energy and shares more enthusiasm with communities than Paul.  Paul truly looks at people with unconditional love.  I have personally seen him interact dozens of times with young people who struggle making friends. He is able to juggle and organize events and keep everyone happy.


His motivation was always about inclusion and giving people a place to make friends and interact with others.  He has succeeded greatly.  He has had a profound impact on hundreds of young adults.


I would highly recommend Paul, as his passion speaks volumes about his joy for spreading a message of caring and compassion for all!

e well.



Community Member

I feel very lucky to have a friend and neighbor like Paul.  I would recommend Paul very highly as a motivational speaker for several reasons.  He is intelligent, articulate, and compelling; you can’t help but get excited listening to him speak about his plans and projects for the Buddy Club and in other areas including motivational speaking.  


Paul embodies a hard-working mentality and shares it freely and generously with everybody around him; a true facilitator of community and as a result, a facilitator of happiness.



Advocate for Special Needs Community

Paul has great passion for youth issues, a friendly and dynamic presence, and solid experience. He's a  person who not only inspires and makes things happen, but he truly cares for others. He finds lessons in life’s challenges and loves to communicate what he learns.


I think Paul can make a very positive impact on youth and community through motivational speaking. Through his warmth, passion, authenticity, and experience, he can connect with young people while he shares ideas of how to get ahead of one’s troubles and create a happier, more self-aware future.


I would recommend Paul as speaker to any group or organization looking for a motivational speaker to positively impact youth.


The people's podcast

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Giving People a Platform to Share, Explore, & Connect!

At an early age Paul understood the power behind meaningful connection. Through Paul's value for establishing and creating a sense of community and empowering people, he created the People's Podcast. Featured on YouTube, Paul now provides that same sense of community through giving others an opportunity to showcase their business, passions, and most importantly their story with the world! 

The podcast is a tool where people can come on and get a high quality video that can be used as a promotional tool to promote their services. Length and recommended donation fee depends upon what is needed for your particular production! Please reach out to Paul for more information. Feel free to check out our previous episodes and stay up to date by following us on our social media and joining our email list.



I am very fortunate that I was able to be apart of the People’s Podcast, with its wonderful community of and leaders of Long Island! The studio was very professional, along with the entire set up itself.  I appreciated the value of becoming both a sponsor and a guest speaker. The questions were spot on and the video quality was very high. Everything ran very smoothly.  The process was positive, along with it being simple, fun, and relaxing I look forward to collaborating with Paul Vibes and the People’s Podcast on future opportunities!

e well.



Paul’s podcast is an amazing place to be yourself because you have the opportunity to talk about what you are doing without judgement. There is no agenda--you just have the opportunity to share your story. Paul is truly amazing and did an amazing job with helping to facilitate the conversation. I had such a great experience-- I definitely recommend others to contact him so that they can share what they are doing with the world! 



It was such a pleasure and honor to be featured on the "Paul Vibes" podcast! Paul was extremely professional and made sure that we were prepared for the day of the interview. He made sure that we were aware of where the conversation would be geared towards, so that we had time to think about what we wanted to say. He was an excellent host and did a great job with directing the conversation so that it led to a profound and enlightening conversation. He is truly a talented individual--it was such a pleasure working with him. I know that he will continue to help others overcome their obstacles through his motivation and inspirational light that he brings. I look forward to collaborating with this bright, incredible soul in the future.  

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