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coaching those who are ready to grow!

1:1 Mentoring

Everyone can benefit from mentors and coaches in many aspects of our lives. I offer coaching to people from all walks of life in many areas of their life.


For over 10 years I've been supporting the special needs community by planning social events but also one on one life skills. I also offer coaching to young adults who are struggling with things like anxiety, depression and loss of direction.


We can use our experience to help others along their path and live a life to their fullest potential. I also have experience working with those dealing with substance abuse as a drug and alcohol counselor trainee.


If you are looking for coaching for yourself, or a young adult please reach out. I believe in meeting people where they are, and look forward to helping you reach your goals, and get through the challenges you are currently facing. 

Metoring for the Special Needs Community

Working with the special needs community has been one of the biggest parts of my life. Growing up with my own learning disability I’ve had to learn how to advocate and challenge myself in order to get through my schooling. I have over ten years of experience working with this population and proven experience 


Mentoring for Entrepenuers

As a young entrepreneur and owner of my own podcast, I had to overcome many hurdles to build the Paul Vibes brand to where it is today. Through this mentorship program , I will help you to visualize and launch your business. You will have the opportunity to work with me to step into your power and make a positive impact on the world with your business. We will focus on building your confidence and connect you to local communities and resources.

Mentoring for Young Adults

High school students are in a great position for my mentoring program. At this impactful place in their life, they can work on self-development that will change their life and help them to step into their power.  In high school, I had to overcome things like bullying, self doubt, anxiety and depression. By overcoming these challenges, I've made it my life mission to help others who are struggling with the same challenges. I will work with the young adults, no matter their challenges and meet them where they are. I will set up a plan with the young adult and their family and work towards personal goals they have, so they can live a happy and thriving life. 


“ Paul is a smart, outspoken young man who brings so much inspiration, motivation, and positive vibes to anyone he meets. He is not embarrassed to speak about his past and it only makes him that more special in my eyes. Anyone that can turn their negative situations into positive ones “ are inspirational in my book.” Being the Coordinator of Day Services at Community Mainstreaming has been a blessing to me. I am able to use my “passion” at work and this is what Paul is determined to do as well. Working and supporting adults with their dream jobs as well as motivating them to look beyond their disabilities and strive to do what they really want in life is what I love doing. Paul is doing the same in his own way. We were very blessed to have met and have Paul as a guest speaker at our agency. The individuals and I adore him and look forward to when he will be presenting again”. 


Geri Pesko, Coordinator of Day Services

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